Hardware Illustrated is a visual blog documenting the lost product illustrations from years ago. Specifically, these images are from a Hibbard Spencer Barlett & Co. hardware catalog dating 1962.

After working 5 ½ years in a hardware store, this catalog was given to me by the store owner. It only took 6 years of the book sitting in storage, for me to find its purpose. For years, I’ve always found a great fascination in the skillfully rendered images that grace the worn pages of this catalog. Everything from wrenches and hammers to fishing poles and pressure cookers.

                             catalog cover


About the author:

Alan Cain is an emerging local artist based in Chicago, IL. A Michigan transplant, Alan received his B.A.A. from Central Michigan University in 2010, with a double concentration in Sculpture & Ceramics.


Hardware DesignIndustrial Illustration


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